AFR Provider Service

AFR is the new system related to an amendment in Customs Tariff Law which is settled by Japan乫s legislative body, the National Diet in March 2012.
Under AFR, it is necessary to report information about goods stored in containers on ocean freight destined for ports within JAPAN.

The reports should be sent electronically to Customs 24 hours prior to the vessels departure from the port of loading.

AFR is carried out in March 1, 2014.

AFR Web application Service

We have made a contract with NACCS center (Nippon Automated Cargo and Consolidated System, Inc) in March 2013, and support the obligations of the shipping company and forwarder (NVOCC) in reporting electronically to Customs.
The service is members only. With our Web application, members can collectively control declarations related to the container freight information based on the House B/L. Trial service starts from October 2013. We are willing to comply with your requests such as automated data import.
We provided plenty of options to make your operation convenient.
Please feel free to send us any of your enquiries.

仸It is the duty of Shipping Company and NVOCC to enter the data by the due date. Our service is the exchange and archiving of 乪YOUR DATA乫.


5 Basic Services

1. B/L Entry Or EDI

2. Submit to NACCS

3. B/L Inquiry

4. Send & Receive Status inquiry

5. Data History

The Merits of our Web service

1.Proxy application for applicant ID

You can get an applicant ID by our proxy application. (starts August 26, 2013.) We will support your application with step by step instructions.

2.Serviceable external connection

As our results of instruction/operation of EDI with a lot of clients, we can provide a best suited EDI for your original business applications. You can choose various data formats ( NACCS flat file, NACCS UN/EDIFACT,CSV) and communication protocols (SFTP,AS2 via Internet VPN).

3.A plenty of reporting functions

We have various reporting functions that will allow you to clearly catch the declaration statuses for each individual items such as vessel information, Master B/L, House B/L, container information and so on.


* Initial Setup (negotiable)

* Data Transaction (negotiable depending on the data volume)

* Training/Consulting (negotiable)